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Our Yakima valley Vinters Wine Availablity List

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  • Dean’s List Reserve WinesYVV-Gold-Dean's-List-2011-Lemberger-Label-wood

    Our Dean’s List Reserve Wines are specially crafted with a higher degree of ageworthiness expected in an extraordinary quality reserve wine.

  • Featured WinesSpecials-Label-WebShop

    Featuring Our Tri Cities Wine Festival Gold Medal Winners

  • Red WinesRedWines-YVV-WebShop-Label

    Our Yakima Valley Vintners Red Wines  

  • White WinesWhiteWines-YVV-WebShop-Label

    Our Yakima Valley Vintners White Wines

  • Wine LibraryYVV-Red-Label-wood-wine-library

    The YVV Wine library is where we house information about our past vintages. The winery maintains a very small lot of each vintage stored in our facility. These wines are used as a reference for our students and consumers. The links below will take your through our notes and information on our past vintages. Occasionally Read More …