2009 Graduates Last Hyrah Syrah 3-pack

SOLD OUT $42.00 Three 750ml bottles

Silver Capsule

The barrel used for this wine was toasted at a medium plus level (200 degrees C). This adds hints of vanilla, coconut and toffee to the cranberry and blueberry flavors of the wine.

Red Capsule

The barrel used for this wine was toasted at a heavy level (240 degrees C). which adds smokey, spicy and chocolate notes to the wine in both aroma and flavor.

Black Capsule

This bottle uses wines from both barrels, blended into harmony balancing the influences of both the medium and heavy toasted barrels. Enjoy the structured tannins and candy finish.

A blending lesson in a box. Our Teaching Winery Three Pack exposes the secrets of the influence of oak on wine. Toasting levels shape the flavors oak imparts in our wines. This three pack exemplifies three exceptional levels of oak exposure. Each are identified by the color of the bottle capsule. Throw a blending party to taste and create your own custom blends!